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viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

I learned

I know that many other young girls think as I do and this is why I want to write this here. I'm aware that girls who are the youngest sibling always learn from the older sisters mistakes, and this is what I did. I learned from my sister and I'm thankful for it.
She isn't a perfect girl, she isn't the best at anything, she lies, she smokes, she drinks, etc. I learned from her how to not be perfect, I learned from her that is no need in being the best, I learned to be a better liar, I learned how to smoke and drink without being caught, etc. She taught me to be humble, to not hurt anyone along the way, she taught me that life is following a path but this path can be changed whenever you want to.
I said before that she is not the best, but I lied. She is the best sister.

Mali :)