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jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

A long break

I really needed this two weeks of not touching the blog or anything related to it. Mainly because I did not had any inspiration to write, I wanted to write some recipes for christmas of my favourite cookies, christmas cookies, but when I wanted to write the post I did not knew how to start or what to say.

A week ago I had an exam of History of English Language... and OMG! I didn't knew that I can write, make up, so many things about something I don't understand. When I left the room I was amazed by my new ability. I don't now if I passed the exam or not, but I feel relieved when I finished it and I went home and I started to study for my other exam on Wednesday, my driver's license. I passed this one :) So now I will start driving and in a few months I will pass the driving exam too.

Right now I am  at home watching TV with my sister and eating a lot of food, drinking coffee and not moving a muscle. Yesterday I watched The Holidays and I liked the movie a lot. It turned to be another of my favourite movies for christmas.

With nothing more to say I just want to wish you all Happy Holidays and I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas.

Love, Mali.

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