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miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

My favourite Christmas related movies.


So here I'm again talking about Christmas but it's the only period/celebration/etc that I fully enjoy. I actually don't like summer or spring... the depression gets stronger and stronger during these months of the year so it's kinda difficult for me to enjoy the "beautiful" weather. I decided to make a list of my favourite movies, christmas related ones, in this post and I'm thinking on writing one of my favourites recipes and beverages.

I will start with one of my favourites movies. Love Actually 

The first time I saw this movie was when I was fifteen or sixteen and I was a bit shocked because of the "porn" parts and I didn't liked it at first, it was a bit too "hardcore" for me... But when I was a bit older, eighteen or so, I decided to give it another try and in my christmas break that year I saw it and from that moment on it turned out to be my must watch movie during christmas. The first time I saw it I didn't understand all the connections between the stories so if you don't enjoy it at first give it another try, the second time helps a lot to catch the real meaning of this movie. Another reason why I love this movie is that one of the character is Colin Firth... personally have a big crush on this actor since I saw "Pride and Prejudice".

The second movie I watch always since I saw it at the cinema is Polar Express.

This one is very childish and doesn't have a "moral meaning" or anything but it shows what christmas mean for kids. Inside of me my child soul is still kicking, so this movie is perfect. What I really liked about this movie was all the magical meaning it gives to christmas, by magical I mean all the lights, the figure of Santa, the snow falling peacefully from the sky and the cheerfulness in which the kids are behaving during the trip. There are some moments of "action" which make the movie more easy to watch and not so boring.

The third one is A Christmas Carol.

If I remember well I saw this movie in 3D but I'm not sure right now. When I was little I remember how my mom one time read to me this story written by Hans Cristian Andersen. This movie is a bit scary, or at least I was scared the first time I saw it, but I very easily get scared so maybe it's me not the movie. I was really impressed by the technology used in this movie and by how neat were all the things, even the small and almost impossible to see. The story told in this movie is the one every remember every christmas so I don't have to much to say about it. It's a bit long and, as I say before, scary and I don't recommend to watch it with kids... but during one cold evening when I don't want to go out, or move from the sofa, I watch it drinking tea and eating cookies.

This are the movies I almost always watch during christmas. I also watch all the crap movies on TV that are usually running during all the christmas time, even if I don't like them, but they are christmas themed and I always convince myself that I should give them a try.

Kisses, Mali :)

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